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Hello and welcome to my blog, a place dedicated to the awesome language that is English. Below you will find the list of all my entries for this and past courses. Check every week for new blog entries along with the week's homework. Enjoy my blog! Best Regards, Prof. Maria J. Chaves

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Level 9 Week 6

Hello dear students! Here is the information of what we saw last class along with some practice to help you study. This week we saw: INFORMAL WORDS AND PHRASES. WISHES. PHRASES WITH GET. THIRD CONDITIONAL.   Informal English While formal English is often used when writing papers for school, cover letters to apply for a … Continue reading Level 9 Week 6


Level 9 Week 5

Hello dear students! Another week passed by... before you know it, we'll be on week 8. This week we saw: Small review on reported speech. Reported Speech: requests and imperatives. Verb patterns – reporting verbs. Checking information. Here is the information seen in class, no homework this week 😉 although we will have the oral … Continue reading Level 9 Week 5