Hello dear students!

Welcome to Week 2 Homework!

For this week I have some important links that I would like you all to review and practice. It is extra information in regards to WH questions and the –s and -es plural endings along with the irregular plural endings. And finally a small review on the verb “to be” in past tense.

For the practices make a screen shot of your result and send it to my e-mail.

WH Questions


Exercise on question words 1

Exercise on question words 2

On the comments section for this blog. Make one wh question for each word of the vocabulary list on page 14 of the Face 2 Face book we use in class. (Remember I have to approve the comment before it is published on the blog)

Here is a useful video on how and when to use WH questions:  Improve your conversation skills with WH questions

Plurals  endings in -S, -ES, -VES


Endings in -VES

Plural of Nouns

Another useful video on how to pronounce -s endings: How to pronounce words ending in S

Verb To Be Past tense


Past Tense Practice

Check out this Basic English Grammar – TO BE verb video.


Extra work: I also found this interesting article about nationality sufixes (ending with -ish -ese- an, etc) and how there isn’t an exact grammar rule for them. You can check it out here: So Many Nationality Suffixes


  • Make screenshots of all the practice results and send them to my e-mail. (There should be 5)
  • On the comments section here, using the vocabulary words from page 14 of the face 2 face book, write one WH question for each word.
  • Check out all the linked videos, we will comment about those in class.


I hope everyone has a great week!

See you on friday!


Prof. Maria J. Chaves

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Vicerrectoría de Docencia

Unidad Ejecutora: Escuela de Ciencias del Lenguaje

Programa CONARE-Fortalecimiento del Inglés (PFI)



16 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Natalia Gil says:

    1. Where you bought your dresses?
    2. Where are my ID cards?
    3. How this camara is used?
    4. What is your mobile number?
    5. how often you use your bike?
    6. Who uses false teeth?
    7. Why not wear a watch?
    8. Where you aare going, you need to suitcases?
    9. What music do you listen to your MP3 player?
    10. How much your bag?
    11. When you bought your laptop?
    12. Whose is this umbrella?
    13. How long has been writing her diary?
    14. How many coats do you have?
    15. What size are those shoes?
    16. How often listen to radio?
    17. How much money you have in your wallet?


  2. Steven Hidalgo Gatgens says:

    Diaries: Why do you read my diaries?
    wallets: How do you can use those wallets?
    an MP3 player: Where are my MP3player?
    a mobile: How much your mobile?
    watches: Where are my blacks watches?
    an umbrella: Where can I put my umbrella?
    bags: When you buy those bags?
    shoes: Where do you buy those shoes?
    a camera: What days do you use the camera?
    coats: Where are the coats place?
    a bike: How ofthen do you do a ride in your bike?
    a radio: When do you turn on this radio?
    suitcases: How do you have this suitcases?
    a laptop: When do you can give me the laptop?
    dresses: Who disegner do those dresses?
    ID cards: Who have my ID cards?
    false teeth: who iin your family use a false teeth?


  3. Alexander says:

    what is the color of your camera?
    why Deisy don,t have dresses?
    3) false teeth:
    who need a false teeth?
    4)a radio:
    how often you use the radio?
    what is the most expensive coat would you buy?
    why the green bag is your favorite?
    7) a laptop:
    who have a new laptop?
    where could go he to buy a black shoes?
    where you go with this suitcases?
    10) an umbrella:
    why buy a umbrella in summer?
    11)a bike:
    why not use your new bike?
    how many diaries have Pedro?
    13) a mobile:
    where is my mibile?
    why his watch broke?
    How are their wallets?
    16)ID cards:
    when you could have a ID card?
    17) an Mp3 player:
    why you like use the Mp3 player every day?


  4. Ricardo jimenez elizondo says:

    -why do you prefer a radio?
    -what do you do with that suitcases?
    -Who writes those diaries?
    -Which shoes do you prefer?
    -why do you buy that bike?
    -how many Wallets do you have?
    -where MySpace watches?
    -Whose is these false teeth?
    -how often do you use your camera?
    – what Kind of dresses do you prefer?
    -whose is this ID cards?
    -what do you listen in that Mp3 player?
    -how come do you forget your coat?


  5. Isennya says:

    1. Umbrella: What is the umbrella color?
    2. Radio: What is your favorite radio station?
    3.Bags: How are your bags?
    4.Dresses: What is your favorite dress?
    5. Diaries: How many pages have your diarie?
    6. Wallets: How much money do you have in your wallet?
    7.Mp3 player: Why do you have a MP3 player?
    8. Mobile: Where is your mobile?
    9. Watches: How often do you use your watch?
    10. Shoes: How many shoes do you have?
    11. Camera: How many pictures do you have in your camera?
    12. Coats: Whose is this coats?
    13.Bike: How often do you go in bike?
    14.False teeth: What kind of false teeth do you like?
    15. ID cards: How many ID cards do you have?
    16. Suitcases: What is your favorite suitcases?
    17.Laptop: How old is your laptop?


  6. Karol Stefy Muñoz Hernández says:

    1. Diares.
    Where is my diary?
    2. Wallet
    Where I can buy a wallet for my dad?
    3. MP3 player
    Whose is this MP3 player?
    What can not I find my mobile?
    When I can buy a watch?
    7. Umbrella
    Why does it rain when I have no umbrella?
    Who is black bags?
    9. Shoes
    Who do you like the blue shoes?
    10. Camara
    Why the camara is so expensive?
    Who has a coat for the coald?
    Where you can ride a bike?
    Where is the radio of my grandfather?
    Where does it so many suitcases?
    Which laptop is better?
    What kind of dress do you like?
    17. ID cards
    Where is my ID cards?
    18. False Teeth
    Where false teeth made?


  7. Victor Romero says:

    Where are the diaries?
    How much is that wallets?
    MP3 Player:
    How does the MP3 Player?
    A Mobile:
    What is your mobile number?
    What King of watches do you like?
    Whose is this umbrella?
    Whose is this bags?
    Which shoes do you prefer?
    How much is that camera?
    How often do you put on coats?
    How the laptop function?
    False teeth:
    How much is that false teeth?


  8. Carlos Badilla says:

    1. How much did the camera cost?.
    2. Who like to wear dresses?
    3. Where are the flase teeth of the grandfather?
    4. Whose is the radio?
    5. How many coats do you have?
    6. How are your bags?
    7. How many RAM have your laptop?
    8. What color are your shoes?
    9. What do you have in this suitcases?
    10. Where is my umbrella?
    11. Why do you sale your bike?
    12. What does she write in her diaries?
    13. Where is your mobile?
    14. Whose are the watches?
    15. How is your wallet?
    16. Where does you lost the ID card?
    17. What kind of music do you have in the mp3 player?


  9. Brenda Sanabria Aguilar says:

    whose is this diary?
    what color is the wallet?
    3)MP3 player
    how many song are in the MP3 player?
    where is my mobile?
    when did you lost your watches?
    what color is the umbrella?
    how many bags do yo have?
    why are you using those shoes?
    who dring a camera?
    10) coats
    what colors are the coats?
    what kind of bicycle do you have?
    where is do radio?
    13) suitcases
    which suitcases is mine?
    how much those the laptop cost?
    how old is that dress?
    16)ID cards
    who lost his ID card?
    17)false teeth
    how do you use the false teeth?


  10. Karo Rojas Lázaro says:

    1. Diaries: Where is María diary?
    2. Wallets: Who is the black wallet?
    3. An mp3 player: Where you bought this mp3 player?
    4. A mobile: Why did you bought that mobile?
    5. Watches: What time is on your watch?
    6. An umbrella: How many umbrellas have in your house?
    7. Bags: What color are the bags?
    8. Shoes: How much they cost the red shoes for women?
    9. A camera: Where can she find the camera?
    10. Coats: How often does she use coats?
    11.A bike/bicycle: How far you ride a bike?
    12. A radio: who is the radio?
    13. Suitcases: Where are the suitcases?
    14. A laptop: Which laptop do you prefer?
    15. Dresses: How many dresses does she have?
    16. ID cards: Why you lost your ID card?
    17. False teeth: What are a false teeth?


  11. Kenneth Montero says:

    1) Camera.
    Whose is this camera?
    2) Dresses.
    Who will wear the dresses?
    3) False teeth.
    Why are this false teeth on the table?
    4) Radio.
    What kind of radio is this?
    5) Coats
    How many coats do you have?
    6) Bags
    How much are the bags?
    7) Laptop
    Where is my laptop?
    8) Shoes
    What color are your shoes?
    9) Suitcases
    How many suitcases are you bringing?
    10) Umbrella
    Which umbrella do you prefer?
    11) Bike
    When will you buy a bike?
    12) Diaries
    What do you write in your diaries?
    13) Mobile
    Whose is this mobile?
    14) Watches
    Where are the watches?
    15) Wallets
    How much money do you have in the wallets?
    16) ID cards
    What ID cards color do you prefer?
    17) MP3 Player.
    What kind of music do you hear in your MP3?


  12. Arturo Chinchilla Sánchez says:

    1- Camera.
    Who is using the camera?
    2- Dresses.
    What size are the dresses?
    3 – False Teeth.
    Where is the false teeth of my grandmother?
    4 – Radio.
    Why the radio is ON?
    5 – Coats.
    How do you feel with those coats?
    6 – Bags.
    How much cost the bags?
    7 – Laptop.
    Whose is this laptop? it’s mine? 😀
    8 – Shes.
    Which shoes do you like to use?
    9 – Suitcases.
    Where are you going with these Suitcases?
    10 – Umbrella.
    How often do you open the umbrella?
    11 – Bike
    How far is your bike?
    12 – Diaries.
    When we go to buy our diaries?
    13 – Cell phone.
    Who is calling every day to your cell phone?
    14 – Watches.
    How much watches do you want to receive?
    15 – Wallets.
    What kinds of wallets do you like?
    16 – ID Cards.
    Why do you have Several ID Cards?
    17 – MP3 Player.
    How long did you been using your MP3 Player?


  13. Jason Sánchez says:

    How many pixels that camera have?
    Where does she buy that beautiful dress?
    When are they ready the new false teeth?
    What is he listening on the radio?
    Which coat i should choose?
    Why does he need many bags?
    How often do you use the laptop?
    What are your size shoes?
    How many suitcases can i bring at the airport?
    When was the last time you saw the umbrella?
    What kind of bicycle does she prefer?
    Which of this diaries do you want?
    What are your mobile number?
    How can i set the clock on my watch?
    Whose is this wallet i found yesterday?
    How old are your id card?
    What kind of music do you have in the MP3 player?


  14. Jose A. Castro Herra says:

    1. Camera
    Where do you buy this camera?
    2. Dresses
    Why do you say me that do not have dresses to wear?
    3. False teeth
    When do you start to use false teeth?
    4. Radio
    Which is the best song on the radio this year?
    Which is your favorite coat?
    6. bags
    How many bags at in your closet?
    7. laptop
    How often you use your laptop per day?
    8. Shoes
    When his shoes were soaked by rain?
    9. Suitcases
    Which it is the largest suitcase in shop?
    10. umbrella
    Where do you lost the umbrella?
    11. bike/ bicilce
    Who bought your bike in USA?
    12. diaries
    when you read my diary?
    13. mobile
    Where I can find your cell phone?
    14. watches
    why you do not like watches?
    15. wallets
    which it is the color of their wallets?
    16. ID cards
    When he got his ID card?
    17. MP3 players
    what genre of music you have in your mp3?


  15. Indriana says:

    What color are the diaries?
    When did he buy the a MP3 player?
    Where are the wallets?
    Who has a beautiful mobile?
    Why did you forget the umbrella?
    How many bags do you have?
    What kind of shoes do you prefer?
    Which camara do you prefer?
    How come didn´t they use the coats?
    Where are your watches?
    Why does he wish the bike?
    Whose is this radio?
    Why does he need 2 suitcases?
    Why did you damage the laptop?
    How much are the dresses?
    ID cards:
    Did you lose the ID cards?
    False teeth:
    Why do you need to change your false teeth?


  16. Fernanda Alvarado says:

    1) Diaries:
    What do you write in your diaries?
    2) Wallets:
    How much money do I have in my wallet?
    3) an MP3 player:
    What kind of music does he have in the MP3 player?
    4) a mobile:
    When can I call you at yor mobile?
    5) Watches:
    Where are my watches?
    6) a umbrella:
    Why you have an umbrella?
    7) bags:
    Who is this bag?
    8) shoes:
    How long I have these shoes?
    9) a camara:
    Why does she need a camara?
    10) coats:
    How often do you use these coats?
    11) a bike:
    Whose is this bike?
    12) radio:
    what do you listen in the radio?
    13) suitcase:
    How many clothes do they have in the suitcases?
    14) a laptop:
    Why do you use a laptop?
    15) dresses:
    How many dresses do you have?
    16) ID cards:
    Whose is this ID cards?
    17) false teeth:
    Who uses these false teeht?


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